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HousingManager.com was developed to adapt to today’s changing technology as well as applicant’s changing preferences. Today’s technology allows us to move the application process from paper to the cloud – this will save you both time and money. No longer do you have to spend money on paper supplies or use staff resources to manually enter & edit applications. HousingManager.com not only enables you to take advantage of this opportunity but also allows you to better meet the needs of your applicants – allowing them to apply for housing from anywhere at any time, even using their smartphone.

Today, you can experience the benefits for both you and your applicants of moving the application process to the cloud!

With the free trial, you can sample the application setup process – customized branding, instructions, & applicant questions – and experience the application submission process exactly as your applicants will. You will also be able to choose the package that that best fits your needs – pay only for what you need but have the option of upgrading later or purchasing add-ons.

During initial setup, we recommend using a tablet, Mac, or PC for the best user experience.

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The Winning Combination: HousingManager.com & The PI Company

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The PI Company & HousingManager.com have simplified application management. Tenants can now submit & edit their applications online using HousingManager.com.

Benefits of using HousingManager.com:

  • Eliminates data entry for new applications
  • Either the tenant or the property manager can enter applications
  • Eliminates paper copies
  • All applications are housed on the web
  • Applications can be submitted or edited from any device: desktop, tablet, mobile or even gaming devices

What does this mean for you?

  • Your staff saves valuable time by no longer having to manually enter & edit applications
  • Maintain applications in the cloud with a full audit trail
  • You save money on all of those paper copies
  • Easily view each applicant’s position in line using the Waiting List Report

The PI Company partnership enables you to screen applicants through HousingManager.com- allowing for all necessary steps to be managed within one location. The PI Company & HousingManager.com work seamlessly together to make your online rental application process simple!

Want to see more? We will be offering a FREE 30-day trial soon, watch HousingManager.com for more information or call 501-537-2467.


Welcome Atchison, KS!

The Atchison Housing Authority has chosen HousingManager.com to manage their online rental applications! Welcome to the HousingManager.com family!