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Duplicate Checking Changes

HousingManager.com is continually evolving to make applying for housing easier for your applicants!

Reinitialize Applications
We are introducing a feature to make old applications less troublesome for both the housing authority and the returning applicants. Applicants who return after being purged/denied/dropped over 90 days ago will now be treated as a new applicant. This will force them to enter all new information. However, the new application will retain the history of the old application for syncing & historical reasons.

Duplicate Checking Changes
The rules of duplicate checking now include the waiting lists as a parameter to detect duplicate applications. In addition, we have added flexibility as non-HOH (Head of Household) can now submit a new application if he or she is applying for a different waiting list.

Applicant Scenarios:

  • If applicants try to login with a SSN/DOB that already exists as a HOH, it will log them in to that application.
  • If applicants login with a SSN/DOB that exists on an application but is NOT the HOH, it will now create a new application. Previously, applicants who were ever active on any application were prevented from creating a new application.
  • If applicants try to sign up for a property that any of their family members currently have submitted applications for the same property, the below message will be displayed:

dupe checking change 1


  • If applicants are signed up for property “A”, a Section 8 waiting list for example, & they try to add a family member who already exists on another application to the Section 8 waiting list as well, they will be unable to add the family member. The below message will appear:dupe checking change 2
  • If Jane Doe is already on waiting list “A”, a Section 8 waiting list for example, and somehow there is another application with the HOH on the same waiting list, the only actionable item is for Jane to remove herself from the waiting list in question. Below is the message that the HOH will see:

dupe checking change 3


  • The non-HOH in the previous scenario would see the below:

dupe checking change 4



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HousingManager.com is Ready for Your Next Lottery!

Are you tired of paper applications – the cost of supplies, the staff time spent manually entering data into the software? There’s an easier way with HousingManager.com!

HM Photo Med

As a partner, we help our clients by identifying opportunities to enhance our application, based on real life experiences.

What Have We Learned?

With each opening, we learn much more about applicant behavior. For example, their preferences, the average time it takes to fill out an application, which devices are used most often and how the timeframe affects the outcome. We have also learned how to make our clients job easier, which means a more successful lottery!

Lottery Planning:

  • How many applicants do you expect? Determining the anticipated number of applicants is the first step in the process and will determine the plan of action needed for your lottery opening.
  • Timeframe is key. Your waiting list should be open no less than 14 days. If you are taking more than 100,000 applications, we recommend opening for at least 30 days. We also recommend opening at 12 A.M. (midnight) to reduce the initial demand on the servers. Be sure to state lottery details clearly, such as “Date and time of your application submission is not relevant to your ranking in the lottery.” All of these will reduce the sense of urgency and make your lottery run more smoothly.
  • Set up a lottery meeting with a HousingManager.com representative at least 90 days in advance to create a plan of action and timeline. This will also allow for adding more web servers in the case of high volume openings.
  • If you must provide assistance to the public for filling out applications, we recommend waiting at least 7 days before offering such access. This will ensure that site traffic remains at a manageable level.
  • Advertise your HousingManager.com website rather than your housing authority website. For example, encourage applicants to visit https://acmeha.housingmanager.com/ rather than your housing authority website, www.acmeha.org. If you are expecting a large volume of applicants, have your housing authority website redirected to the HousingManager.com website during the application period.

How are We Different?

We have added some special features to help you and your staff:

  • Eliminate Duplicate Applications. HousingManager.com checks every time a social security number & date of birth is entered to prevent duplicate applications, such as a husband & wife each submitting an application as the head of household to increase their odds of selection.
  • Eliminate Duplicate Employers. Similar to your online bill pay, employer information is now validated by zip code to prevent a housing authority from having the same employer listed numerous times in their database.
  • If you have preferences for your properties, we associate them against information the applicant has entered when possible. Preference examples include elderly, handicapped, or working applicants. You have the option of “certifying” preferences. This prevents applicants from submitting their application and later changing their answers to adjust waiting list position.
  • Pre-Applications. While these are easy to accept and require little processing by the servers, we recommend against pre-applications as they shift the work from the applicant to your staff.
  • All enhancements to the application are made to improve the quality of your data.

This is a Partnership!

We work closely with our clients to ensure a successful lottery opening.

Want to see more? We will be offering a FREE 30-day trial soon, watch HousingManager.com for more information or call 501-537-2467.



Prevent Applicants from Removing Themselves from Waiting Lists

In the past, applicants have accidentally removed themselves from properties they had submitted applications for previously. This accidental removal led to the applicant calling the housing authority, and the housing authority then had to manually place the applicant back on the waiting list.

We have released an update to prevent this accidental removal and will save your staff time from correcting such errors. There is now an option that can be changed from the my.housingmanager.com site.

The default option will be set to off, which does NOT allow applicants to remove themselves. Below is what clients will see from the my.housingmanager.com site – with the “allow applicants to remove themselves from waiting lists after submission” box being unchecked:

Prevent Self Removal My.HousingManager View


This also means that if clients want to remove an applicant from a property in which the applicant has already submitted an application for, they must drop them from the my.housingmanager.com site.

Below is what applicants will see if they try to remove themselves:

Prevent Self Removal Applicant View


We look forward to this update ensuring applicants remain on the waiting list & saving your staff time from phone calls and manual re-entry!

Want to see more? We will be offering a FREE 30-day trial soon, watch HousingManager.com for more information or call 501-537-2467.