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Prevent Applicants from Removing Themselves from Waiting Lists

In the past, applicants have accidentally removed themselves from properties they had submitted applications for previously. This accidental removal led to the applicant calling the housing authority, and the housing authority then had to manually place the applicant back on the waiting list.

We have released an update to prevent this accidental removal and will save your staff time from correcting such errors. There is now an option that can be changed from the my.housingmanager.com site.

The default option will be set to off, which does NOT allow applicants to remove themselves. Below is what clients will see from the my.housingmanager.com site – with the “allow applicants to remove themselves from waiting lists after submission” box being unchecked:

Prevent Self Removal My.HousingManager View


This also means that if clients want to remove an applicant from a property in which the applicant has already submitted an application for, they must drop them from the my.housingmanager.com site.

Below is what applicants will see if they try to remove themselves:

Prevent Self Removal Applicant View


We look forward to this update ensuring applicants remain on the waiting list & saving your staff time from phone calls and manual re-entry!

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Failed Payment Behavior

We have made an update to My.HousingManager.com to help clients better keep track of their invoices. Overdue invoices will now alert the client once they login.

The below message will show until the client closes out the past due invoice:

Overdue Login Notice

In addition to the alert message, My.HousingManager.com will send out an e-mail to all billing contacts to let them know of any overdue invoices:

Overdue invoice e-mail

After logging in, the client will be directed to the account balance page. Here, they can see the amount owed and pay the balance:

Account Balance

If a user, who is not a billing contact, attempts to login, he or she will receive an error message and will be unable to login until the overdue invoice is paid.

The client’s accounting distribution list will also receive an e-mail of overdue accounts:

Accounting E-mail

These e-mails & alert messages will ensure that your invoices are being paid in a timely manner so that HousingManager.com can keep saving you and your staff time & money!

Want to see more? We will be offering a FREE 30-day trial soon, watch HousingManager.com for more information or call 501-537-2467.



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