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Failed Payment Behavior

We have made an update to My.HousingManager.com to help clients better keep track of their invoices. Overdue invoices will now alert the client once they login.

The below message will show until the client closes out the past due invoice:

Overdue Login Notice

In addition to the alert message, My.HousingManager.com will send out an e-mail to all billing contacts to let them know of any overdue invoices:

Overdue invoice e-mail

After logging in, the client will be directed to the account balance page. Here, they can see the amount owed and pay the balance:

Account Balance

If a user, who is not a billing contact, attempts to login, he or she will receive an error message and will be unable to login until the overdue invoice is paid.

The client’s accounting distribution list will also receive an e-mail of overdue accounts:

Accounting E-mail

These e-mails & alert messages will ensure that your invoices are being paid in a timely manner so that HousingManager.com can keep saving you and your staff time & money!

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“My applicants will not use a mobile device”: Misconception about Applicants

Things have certainly evolved from the old, paper applications. In just the past few years, people have learned how to use their smartphones for more than just a conversation. Although, there are still misconceptions about how applicants prefer to apply for housing, or their inability to use their mobile device – we can show present statistics that say otherwise.

We have gathered some interesting data from the last 6 months of applicants who have applied for housing using HousingManager.com. The numbers speak for themselves.

Nearly half of the applicants applied using a smartphone or tablet:

Mobile vs. Desktop

Less than half of the applicants used a windows operating system:

Operating System

HousingManager.com allows you to adapt to these changing preferences. Allowing your applicants to apply online caters to their preferences and eliminates paperwork − saving you and your staff time and money.

Want to see more? We will be offering a FREE 30-day trial soon, watch HousingManager.com for more information or call 501-537-2467.

Section 8 Lottery Status

Many Section 8 Voucher programs send a notification letter after they have completed the Section 8 Lottery draw.  This is not only time-consuming for your staff, but it also costs you in supplies, postage & toner.  By changing your notification policy, you can easily see the savings in supplies start to multiply.

After the lottery draw, your applicants can go online and see if they were selected or not.

Applicants who were drawn will see the below status of “Drawn in Lottery”:


Applicants who were not drawn will see the below status of “Not Drawn”:


In addition to cost savings in supplies, your staff will be able to spend their time on more productive activities. Staff resources are better spent on activities other than preparing letters & stuffing envelopes. Allowing applicants to check their status online will also eliminate the phone calls from applicants who were not drawn.