Housingmanger.com makes it easy to find great residents by giving you the power to create, collect, and manage your rental applications in one place. Here’s how it works:

Create Custom Applications

Create rental applications to fit your needs using our property management software. Set your own terms, ask unlimited preference questions, and request personal and financial history information from potential residents. Plus, you can add your own logo, instructions and terms of agreement.

Residents Apply Online

Once your application is created, potential residents can apply online from any computer or device.

Sort and Manage Applications

Our administration panel gives you a hassle-free way to sort submitted applications by your criteria, then approve or deny them.

Keeps Your Data Safe

We encrypt all of your data during transmission and storage.

Integrated Background Checks

Housingmanager.com is integrated with our Tenant P.I. background check which you may optionally use to screen potential residents.

Powerful tools from Housingmanager.com and no software to install!


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