Housingmanger.com’s Work Orders tool is a great, web-based solution for managing work flow, inventory, maintenance, and for saving time and money!

If you combine Work Orders with the iPad application (for no extra charge), you can eliminate trips to the office by your technicians, eliminate paper copies of work orders, and capture photos of damages and attach them directly to your work order to eliminate disputed charges. Plus, Work Orders can handle multiple users with no problems.

With the Work Orders Tool, you can…

  • Reduce phone calls and office traffic
  • Eliminate tenant disputes with before and after photos
  • Save money by going paperless
  • Save time and gas by reducing travel
  • Reduce wear and tear on your vehicles
  • Track travel time and work time
  • Improve materials inventory management and control

Powerful tools from Housingmanager.com and no software to install!


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